We support your system.

RapidToll's mission is to provide resources for the life-cycle of a toll collection system, from initial design, through development and commissioning, to long term system maintenance.


Test, Audit & Verification Services

With more than a decade of experience in the Toll & Transportation industry, RapidToll is a leader in providing independent test, audit and verification systems and services.  By maximizing system functional accuracy and expediting problem resolution we help Toll System Operators increase revenue and reduce operational costs.

System Development

RapidToll works collaboratively with System Integrators during solution requirements, design and development. We have shortened time to system acceptance by increasing efficiencies and by resolving issues earlier in the process during development, testing, installation and commissioning.


  • DataLogger - Comprehensive data collection system with active playback.

  • Playback Client - Playback application using DataLogger collection results.